Shipping Logistics Supercharged

Shipping Logistics Supercharged

Cody Ast, President

  May 31, 2019

At Leadfoot Express, we’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and we embrace the logistically complex so we can provide guaranteed on-time delivery solutions.  Our business was founded on Hot Shot/AOG and that sense of timing, ingenuity, and ability to deliver freight when it matters, runs through the heart of our entire organization. Our drive, technology, and experience supercharge your shipping logistics!

What other shipping companies may turn down, we take over the finish line each and every day. Our extensive shipping services including Hot Shot, Next Fight Out, Same Day LTL, Local Ready, Ship Optimized, and Logistics Management allow us to have you wheels up before the competition.

We get it there! Learn more about our shipping and courier services.

Combining years of industry experience with our online portal and 24/7 dispatch let’s shippers of any size place new orders, track existing ones, handle billing-related questions, and get real-time reference validation and reporting.

Innovative Technology for Courier & Shipping Logistics

Solutions to Easily Ship, Track, & Manage Orders

From the beginning, we committed to useful integration of technology throughout our operation. Our online portal, Leadfoot X, is the go-to destination for shippers to accurately record shipment details:

  • Pickup location – Name, address, and contact person
  • Destination location – Name, address, and destination contact
  • Ready for pickup date & time
  • Piece count, dimensions, weight, and desired service type

No matter if it’s large freight or a small part, we review order details to optimize shipping and ensure the entire process is trouble-free for our clients. Check out our page, Know Your Ship, for some quick advice and tips on shipping small parts.

Critical Communication

Keep Tabs on Transport Operations Anywhere, Anytime

Every member of our team understands your critical shipment matters. Whether it’s via Leadfoot X™ or over-the-phone, technology enables us to keep you fully informed in a moment.

  • 24/7 Dispatch
    Always on and up-to-date, our dispatch team provides you with real-time status updates no matter where your shipment is headed. It’s just what you’d expect from your logistics partner.
  • Ship Optimized
    Holding in delicate balance shipment size, carrier, timeline, and budget, we optimize each and every shipment so you spend only what you need to accomplish the goal.
  • Local Ready
    We arrange coordinated pickup and delivery for your shipment ensuring a worry-free experience.
  • Same Day
    Place your pickup order by Noon and we’ll have it on the dock at 5pm.
  • Certified Indirect Air Carrier (IAC)
    Having the ability to ship commercially on passenger flights gives us a powerful tool to meet your logistics needs. Plus, our TSA-certified drivers have photo security badges for easy identification, making our work with air cargo a non-issue.

From Point A to Point B, coast to coast, we’re driven by results. So, when you demand just-in-time logistics to maintain your mission-critical operations, expect the best and supercharge your shipping logistics!


Since 2005, Leadfoot Express has been hauling it locally and nationally, exceeding expectations one shipment at a time. Fast, reliable, secure, and a champion of well executed, time-critical logistics, Leadfoot is the courier of choice when service matters. Questions? Contact us online or by phone at (316) 540-9991.