Local Delivery

Hometown Service

We take pride in serving the Wichita area with deliveries all over town. As the top courier in the region, our employees take pride in serving their community, neighbors, and friends. We’re not just a courier; we are deeply rooted in Wichita community and proud members of several local organizations and participate in many community events.

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Hands down our fastest service. We've built our brand around AOG while others casually toss around the term. The bottom line? No stops. No delays. Your driver is dispatched immediately for pickup to deliver your part to its destination in no time flat.

Additional Service Tiers

Each shipment is unique. Our multiple service tiers ensure your timeline is met every time. Rush runs between 2-3 hours from call for pickup to delivery. Same Day orders entered before 12:00 are delivered before 17:00. And, our economy service orders are entered and picked up same day with delivery before 12:00 next day.

Consolidation and Route Outsourcing

We understand the end of month and quarter madness. When the deadline has passed for the major carriers, call us. We’ll provide tracking information and handle the shipment on your behalf. Plus, via Route Outsourcing, if you're short on labor for a day or week, but have a driver on a route, we can take the load off the route for any length of time to make better use of the employee processing your shipments.

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