Know your Ship

Some Advice on Small Parts

There are several best-practices to keep in mind when shipping a small parts. Shipping a rivet, for example, is much different than shipping something like an aircraft wheel. While a rivet could theoretically ship in smaller box, we typically ship a part like this in an 8″x8″x8″ box. Smaller boxes become more apt to be lost in the process of belts and conveyors at hub locations so it’s generally recommended that a minimum

Quick Ship Tips

  1. In our rivet example above, a single wall box is sufficient due to the part’s weight, whereas an aircraft wheel would require double wall corrugated box. Its increased mass and the abuse it will face during the many points along its transfer warrants a stronger container.
  2. Inside the box, overpacking small parts into a plastic bag—with a colored piece of paper inside as an eye-catcher—will help prevent the part from being thrown away by accident.
  3. Bubble wrap and packaging paper can fill voids to prevent parts in a larger box from shifting around during transit.
  4. For heavy parts, use of one (1) inch foam or greater is recommended. Or, use foam-in-place machine to ensure your part stays put during transit.