Just-in-Time. At just the right time.

Today’s production environment is breakneck. We help you set the pace.

New Reality

Just-in-Time production is the new norm and 8:00 a.m. next-day standard freight service just isn’t fast enough. Customers are consistently starting production earlier and traditional next-day services can’t keep up. What options exist to allow for dedicated freight service without a dedicated cost? Enter Leadfoot Express.

New Route

Ever improving the movement of our fleet and being proactive with our customers, we identified a large number of hot-shots headed to Tulsa. Analyzing the trend and exploring options, we approached these folks about providing faster service with less out-of-pocket. The result? Same-Day LTL to Tulsa. Essentially, we climbed a logistical Everest to create a schedule that allowed two of our trucks cross paths moving freight to-and-from Tulsa. Essentially, this created efficiencies—by eliminating cross-docking and transfers—reducing our customer’s cost.

A New Way

With our new Just-in-Time reality and pro-active support from their logistics partner, we worked together with our customers to reduce freight costs and bring big value. Just one reason you can Expect it ThereTM with Leadfoot Express.